June 6, 2010

That One Sentence

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I have a box full of note cards – on it are quotes from books, movies, and tv shows that I liked. Usually it is something that I found touching, inspiring or simply poignant. Somewhere is a box or notebook full of little sheets of paper with my own ‘inspirational’ quotes. I used to write them down thinking they were the beginning of a poem. Every now and then I found that box and I am inspired – there are some good lines there. And sometimes they stand alone. This is another one of those reasons I take down the lines that I like in movies and such – the lines stand alone and they spark something in me.

Often while I am driving – I think of a line, a sentence that has a place in a story of mine and I always feel like it is something that I have to remember to write down as soon as possible. These are not poetry or inspirational thoughts – these are often lines for a story – and not always one I am working on. Lines like this are the type of phrase that I often use as an opening sentence for a story. I wonder if there are many out there who will build a story around that one sentence. If I like it enough – it is the beginning of the story and sometimes I have to let the story tell itself and build off that one sentence – other times there is a story that has been roaming around in my head and trying to figure out how to start – this line might be just the start that I am looking for.

Are there others out there who pay attention to that one line that pops in your mind? what is it that you do with them?


October 9, 2008


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LIfe has gotten a little busy for me lately. It seems that training a new guy at work, doing my regular job and working the part time job have overtaken my schedule. The good news is that I have finally caught up with reviewing the stuff my writing peer has given to me, so I am on track there. Yea! me. But the bad news is that I haven’t taken much time to do any writing myself. I have been using my tape recorder when I am on the road to take nots, write things that are popping in my head so I can review them later.

I am excited for this weekend though – I am going on a writer’s retreat with several people from my writer’s group. I expect this weekend to be a little different than last year – last year, there was a bit of teaching and some different writing activities – this year, it is more of a focus on writing which I am excited about. I have a short story that I want to finish and then want to get some chapters written on my tree fort story. I was also thinking that it would be nice to actually get a outline for that story. However, I am often surprised with myself that the story that I have written an outline for – I haven’t taken much time to get things going on taht further than what I already have.

One of the people in my writing group recently got a two book contract – even thought I admit a little envy – I am really excited for her. When I was thinking about it, it was kinda a no brainer – I have to finish one of the novels to get them published, so I am focused (now if I could only find the time – but I will). These last two weeks have just been a little overwhelming with my schedule – next week looks to be a lot better – in fact, the next two weeks are only 4 day weeks for me, so I can’ hardly wait.

With the part-time job – it has been interesting for me. I had expected to be getting all sorts of ideas for stories and the funny thing, I am so busy that I am not really thinking of stories. I am seeing people who are interesting and from all different levels of life – but no story has popped out yet. It will, I’m not worried. I am one of the people who tends to see stories everywhere and in everyone.

I have been thinking of one of my shorts lately (submitted to the Writer’s Digest Writing Contest – and didn’t win – I want to re-work the ending.). My writing prompt for this week – pick a character that you have killed off in one of your stories – how could you bring him/her back? I was thinking about this because one of the people in my group is upset I killed off a character and keeps wanting me to bring him back – lol, I actually think I can (and might, just for her).

September 25, 2008

Read it, Write it, Love it – Writing Prompt

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I just finished reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and was blown away. This book is amazing – amazing because of how different it is from the movies and stories we know. The movies tend to focus on the development of what a monster Dr. Frankenstein is and how obsessed he was in the creation of this story, when in truth it is a very small portion of the story. I am not sure if I was reading this story for the first time, or re-reading it (in my college days, I was a Lit. major for a long time, so I read a lot of books, that I don’t necessarily remember reading.) However, there were many pieces of this book which were very familiar to me and led me to believe that I have at least read portions of the book.

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein

As I was reading the book, I find a couple of on-line book discussion groups and one of the most common questions I saw being asked and answered was ‘who is the true monster of the story.’ It was interesting to see the variety of responses for both men. Yet, I have to say that I am not sure who I believe to be the monster. I love the complexity that Mary Shelley gave these characters – I feel pity for them both, Dr. Frankenstein was a man who had a vision and saw that vision through – after completing he learned that it was not the direction he should have gone, and refused to ever do it again. On the other hand, the creature – what a sad and lonely life – do we create conscience? In this thinking that we can build other beings – do we also have control of their actions, their desires and is it our responsibility to meet these desires.

I was hoping to write a post on what I am listening to and enjoying at this time. However, this book is causing so many thoughts to run through my mind. Do I have any characters in my stories – either written or being developed who can be both loved and hated? That readers will feel contempt for and pity? What a challenge – I am up for it? Are you?

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