August 31, 2009

On-line Publishing

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So about ten days ago, I spent a lot of time investigating some online magazines and their guidelines. I have considered doing some of these for quite awhile, and found one which I was really interested in – gud magazine – but they were on a submission hold. However, by cruising around their site a little, I was able to discover some other sites. I remember one – though not offhand that I submitted to, only took something like 48 hours to reject my submission.

The funny thing is that I was telling some friends about it and was kind of excited – it was a site which would not accept simultaneous submissions, so it was nice to know early on that they were not going to accept it so I could submit it somewhere else. By then the time that the other magazine was starting to accept submissions again – and I was so sure, I knew this would be the magazine for it – they took 6-ish days to reject me. Not as fun the second time around.

Oh well, more opportunities out there, I just gotta get looking, right?


November 3, 2008

Back to Writing

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A few weeks ago, I went on my second writer’s retreat with the people in my writing group. We had cabins out at Mahoney State Park. It was a great week for writing, there were times that were so peaceful. I did a little writing and editing. I worked on some new stuff, but mostly refined pieces I had written and transferred handwritten pieces onto the computer. That really seems to hold me up since I seem to do so much better with handwriting my stories first, yet I type so much faster? (I am going to check out a pen that Target has on sale that supposedly keeps track of what you have written and will send it to your computer – worth checking out in my mind).

I had a story that I was considering while I was at the writer’s retreat, but every time I worked on it – I only got as far as what I had already completed. I am proud to say that last week I was able to write it – pen to paper. Normally, it can take months (years) before I then get it transferred to the computer, now I feel good enough about this story, I plan on getting it into the computer this week. I am even thinking of considering entry into the next Writer’s Digest contest, but I might not as I want to start submitting it. I am actually very pleased with it, so we shall see.

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