March 24, 2009

Naming my Characters

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I usually feel very inadequate in this role. My names usually seem way too simple and I seldomly put little effort into it. Sometimes as I get to know the character the name changes because it seems to fit better. I know there are all the recommended ideas of using baby books and such, but I wonder – how do you name your characters?

Recently I was very proud of myself for naming a character. When I learned Neil Gaiman had a new book coming out called The Graveyard Book, one of the first thoughts before even learning what the book was about was, ‘if I wrote a story about graveyard, what would I write about?’ That is how The Gravedigger came to be. After I was finished, and wasn’t really pleased with the names of the characters, I considered how I could find more suitable names and thought, ‘hmmmm…I wonder…’ As a kind of homage to Neil, I thought I would look for some name options from the book. Obviously I love the name Bod, but since that was so distinctive to this book, I couldn’t use it. I was, however, able to find some other names that with a little bit of tweaking, worked well in my own story.


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