June 10, 2009

My Interests…

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…lately have not been so good with this blog. I have been wondering what to write. My focus has been on this experiment I am doing to make changes in my life for exercise and for a healthier lifestyle. So far today is the end of that first 24 days and it was overall pretty successful. Feel free to follow or check out my experiment at my other blog: 24 Days to Habit? Or Once Again – Not Enough?

I am looking to make this chnage in other areas of my life as well. My writing has only been half-assed lately. I have a screenplay that I am playing around in my mind. I have been recording and writing down different parts of it, but not knowing how to really write a screenplay has made it somewhat difficult. However, last night I was playing around with something I could be doing and that is writing it out as I know how to write – since much of it is in dialogue at this point, it should be easy enough to do and then I can go back and fix it in screenplay style.

I think part of me has been struggling with it because it is also a gay-themed story, my writer’s group – as good as they are – I do not believe would be that receptive to critiquing it, but you never know. I am thinking that I also know a few screenwriters who would be willing to review it for me, so we will see.

In the mindframe of my writing every day and how do I incorporate my 24 days to habit thinking? I think I need to start smaller – I have been trying to set aside at least an hour a day to write. I believe that I am going to start with at least 15 minutes a day writing with the intention of adding 15 minutes at each 24 hour cycle. I am not going to post on this daily, like I am on my exercise, but I will try and add it to my weekly post.


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