July 12, 2010

Taking the Time…

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to think, process and come up with new ideas.  My writing life has not felt like my own for a few months now. I started that new job last September and it took about 6 months to get my flow so that I could feel that I had time and understood my job. I continue to enjoy my job, and have new things to learn but things are more consistent. Then I was in a car accident in February – my second in 6 months. I have struggled in the healing from this one – it messed up my neck and left shoulder so I can only type for short periods of without lots of pain. That shouldn’t be an excuse because the majority of my stories are actually written pen to paper. And now for the last couple of months I have been focused on my move – I am moving and entire 3 bedroom home into two bedrooms with a roommate and a fully furnished house – it’s taking so much time and I am close to the end and just want it all done.

The exciting thing for me is that I have had stories and thoughts I wanted to work into a story and recently have started to put it all together – now I just need the time to sit down and write it up. As I am packing and downsizing – I have been doing it with the television off and I can’t believe how nice and helpful it has been in getting those creative juices flowing. I plan to be all settled in my new home the first of August and am so excited – I am setting up a writing space and can’t wait.


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