June 6, 2010

That One Sentence

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I have a box full of note cards – on it are quotes from books, movies, and tv shows that I liked. Usually it is something that I found touching, inspiring or simply poignant. Somewhere is a box or notebook full of little sheets of paper with my own ‘inspirational’ quotes. I used to write them down thinking they were the beginning of a poem. Every now and then I found that box and I am inspired – there are some good lines there. And sometimes they stand alone. This is another one of those reasons I take down the lines that I like in movies and such – the lines stand alone and they spark something in me.

Often while I am driving – I think of a line, a sentence that has a place in a story of mine and I always feel like it is something that I have to remember to write down as soon as possible. These are not poetry or inspirational thoughts – these are often lines for a story – and not always one I am working on. Lines like this are the type of phrase that I often use as an opening sentence for a story. I wonder if there are many out there who will build a story around that one sentence. If I like it enough – it is the beginning of the story and sometimes I have to let the story tell itself and build off that one sentence – other times there is a story that has been roaming around in my head and trying to figure out how to start – this line might be just the start that I am looking for.

Are there others out there who pay attention to that one line that pops in your mind? what is it that you do with them?


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