May 28, 2009

Characterization Perspectives

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I have been very lazy in my writing on the blog here. I actually have been doing some good story outlines and getting some stuff done, but nothing ready to present at this moment. Oddly I have been working on a screenplay, which for some reason seems really to be calling me to complete and work on. It is still a completely different style of writing and has me confused, but I am focusing at this point in getting it down before I miss or forget something and focusing on the format later.

Yesterday was an interesting day for me though and it was really caused me to think of some of my characters. I was at a Wellness Team retreat and the activity was focusing on the strengths that others see in you. We were in small groups and made to identify strengths we see in each other – then from those strengths identify ways that they could be developed in helping the company. My group stepped a bit out of the box and with those strengths was able to identify other careers each person could consider. The strengths which were identified for me were very nice, but the thing that really bothered me about them was that they were missing the key ones which I see in myself, which I believe I present, which I believe are the ones which make me the person I am.

Immediately, I was bothered by this, we had opportunities to state some that we see in ourselves that maybe they missed, but the humble part of me wouldn’t allow me to say them. Now I wonder if it was the humble part or if it was that part that makes me second-guess myself. I don’t like that part, lol. I like to believe that I am a fairly confident person in the workforce and it caught me off-guard. I began to wonder how this works with my characters though and do I show this.

If I can take this and work it into my stories, I believe there will be more interesting characterization. It is going to be an interesting experiment to make it work in some of my stories since so many of them tend to be written in the first person – now I will have to evaluate if I need to occasionally go third person to reveal some of what others think or will it be revealed in their dialogue or interactions. In my writer’s group there has recently been a lot of discussion on characterization and while I am not the type of person who tends to write out 36 points about each character – it does present an interesting perspective to identify the way the character sees himself and the way others perceive the character.


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