March 24, 2009


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I have a publisher who appeared to be very interested in a picture book I have written. The response time to my submission was fairly quick, but I was not surprised as that was one of the strengths their website states. They have all sorts of information on the site, even identified key points they would like to see in a query letter. The responded with a couple of questions about illustrations and said they would get back to me.

A couple more weeks go by, I limit who I tell because I don’t want to jinx it and coping with disappointment is difficult enough alone, let alone having to repeatedly explain it to others. So the couple of weeks go by and I get an email asking me if I would pay several hundred dollars to their illustrator for 8-12 illustrations for the book. Did I hear this right?

I write back and ask for clarification – are you asking me to pay the artist and you want me to use your artist? Is this common for the smaller presses. I am assured it is, and yes I understood correctly and they would need the money before she would start the illustrations.

Thankfully the writers of the world work together and try to let others know what is going on, what is right and what should be questioned. Many are telling me to run, which I may (probably will) but I responded with some questions as this seems so unusual to me (as many of the writer’s beware sites indicate, this is not common and should not probably even be considered.)

The disappointment is that I thought I was so close to having a published children’s picture book. The excitement – a publisher was interested, maybe another will soon be as well.


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