February 10, 2009


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Lately I have been frustrated and focused on manners and the lack of them that I tend to witness. Is it a societal norm that has somehow become acceptable to not display appropriate manners? Or is it that you only have to display them to certain people? Or maybe it’s those to whom you are closest that you no longer have to display them, because they should just love and accept me for who I am?

For quite some time I have been bothered by the servers at resturants. Now it has been many years since I have waited tables, but I know that if there was a conversation going on when I approached – I either waited for break in it, or I excused myself. Now you can say what you want – that they are so busy they don’t have time to be polite or I don’t want their politeness with one table slowing up the food I am receiving at mine. Come on! All it takes is a simple, ‘excuse me,’ or ‘sorry, do you need anything esle.’

The R.S.V.P. seems to have turned to me (respond sometime, very (low) priority). People are just not responding – the RSVP helps the host to determine the number of guests attending. Can you imagine hosting a dinner party or gathering of any time – and having 1/2 of the people respond but then when the event actually occured – only having a couple arrive. What a waste of time and money. There is something to be said about celebrating with those who showed. However, when it is only a couple compared to who had said they would make it, it’s a problem.

The other part that I do not get, so you commit to attend and something comes up, is it not the attendee’s responsibility to notify the host that their plans have changed?

Anyone else notice any rude behaviors that seem to be on the rise?


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