February 3, 2009

New Year, New Plans

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I met with my group of friends – the ones working to lose weight. It was a good meeting, overall everyone is doing well in week one of the new challenge. Most much better than me – I only lost .4 instead of the 1% I was supposed to lose but it’s all good. I really hadn’t worried about it until my niece’s wedding was over (it was last weekend).

I thoroughly enjoy the connection of this group – there is so much support and it has been nice reconnecting with these people who were once very important to me. It has allowed for them to once again become important. We had a guest last night, so it was interesting to explain different things to him about what we do when we are together.

After I left, I wondered what my plans for 2009 were and how I was doing on them so far. It appears that 2009 is winning. Weight loss is one of the strategies to help improve my overall goal of better health, writing at least a page a day is another. I am sad to say that I have not been doing well there. So when I have a revelation like that, I sit there and try to challenge myself to get back on track.

Today I opted for the healthy breakfast as opposed to chosing the unhealthy one and I am proud of myself for doing that. I am going to try to set the goal of no playing on the internet until I get that page written a day. Last year I worked to set up the guest bedroom as a kind of office for me to retreat to for some writing as well – it’s time to re-focus on that plan.


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