January 26, 2009

Family, Friends and ‘I Do’

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This weekend my niece married. It was a wonderful affair and I can’t believe how smooth it went for the most part. People came to celebrate and party with them and I believe they were overwhelmed by the support people showed in there happiness.

I walked away learning things from this wedding (other than little tidbits of wedding recommendations – although on a sidenote – it is the coolest thing to have a cake on every table – seven different flavors, mind you). But back to my point. Her organization was amazing, so well planned, but also not to the point that she was going to let it ruin her day. If something did go wrong, no one was really aware of it, and she had a real ‘it doesn’t’ matter attitude.

I have to admit there were times, I was looking at my interactions and the people who were there wondering, ‘what story can I get out of this.’ Is there a story in the harassment the priest gave my niece for the number of people in the wedding party, or when my 3 brothers and I walked my niece down the aisle to give her away (we were referred to as the bodyguards); yeah, there is. I don’t know that it’s the story I will write, but there is a story in it.

I feel blessed for the opportunity to see those stories in everything and everyone – I love that I have been graced with imagination. I encourage everyone to find the story and tell it.


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