September 23, 2008

WOW – Time Flies

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It has been a full couple of weeks. Not only has my schedule been a little full and out of control, my duties at home have been a little overwhelming themselves. I am still in the process of moving over from Blogger – right now all the posts have been moved (except the one saying that I am moving, lol) and I just need to move the sites I am reading. I haven’t figured out the easy way to do that, but it’s not enough of a reason to hold off anymore on posting.

In my writing, I have been excited. I have this great writing group in which I have learned a lot. They have this peer partner program which in the past, I have not participated. For one, I wasn’t writing enough and for another, no one seemed to write in my, uhm, genre(s). This last year a woman who had been a prior member returned to the group – turns out both of us write thrillers, horror, fiction shorts and children’s books – she posted that she was interested in a peer partner. I responded. It is exciting that we have a deadline to turn something over to the other. I think this will help me to get stuff done.

I write a lot, but finishing is a problem – I also don’t tend to stay on one story before moving to the next. That is one of the focuses I am going to try and get more in tune. One of my stories, I have actually taken the time to outline (which is uncommon for me) and it should be easy to sit down and write the chapters as I know what is going to happen. I am hoping this writing partner thing keeps me more on track. I have started and outlined several shorts that have recently been developing (in my mind – I have been outlining them just soo I don’t forgot the story.)

Later I plan to share some of my thoughts on this year’s  (downtown) Omaha Litfest – which was very enjoyable.


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