September 10, 2008

Is this really it? (Writing Prompt)

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Last night I was closing up my house to head to bed. I remember thinking that ‘oh, is this it? I feel like I forgot something.‘ It was one of those kind of melancholy thoughts that hits us every now and then. I am not sure what it meant, but I went upstairs and before going to bed wanted to post to the blog. I had these great pictures from camping out around Fremont this weekend and I wanted to share them.

I rode an ATV for the first time this weekend and was lucky enough to get this shot – of course I played with it a little in a picture adjuster thing.

I had every intention of doing lots of writing and ‘transcribing‘ this weekend, but didn’t really get anything done.

Then I had to come back early from the campsite to attend a friend’s wake and celebrate his life with his family. Oddly as I was on the way to the funeral, I almost grabbed a notebook – you know, in case I was inspired. Then rational thought hit me and I realized the insensitivity that would present and left the notebook at home. Isn’t it funny something like that happens and you are actually inspired. That’s what happened – in my head came the beginning of a short story. Throughout the day, I worked on it in my head and as soon as I got to my computer I started putting it down. (I am trying to get used to writing on the computer as opposed to longhand, because I am just not good at getting around to getting it then onto the computer (hence my hope to ‘transcribe‘). What’s the oddest situation you have been that has prompted a story?

This rainbow is actually what greeted me when I got to the campsite last Friday. How cool of a welcome mat is that – props to you, D.


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