August 5, 2008

Top 5 Things on TV That Made Me Cry…

…in the last week! Okay, I have become older and more of a sap.

1. The Baby Borrowers Season Finale – even though the majority of these kids were annoying as hell, they kind of grew on me and I was very sad to learn that none of them made it at the end of the ‘social experiment’.
2. Dr. Who’s season/series finale? It felt like I was watching the end of the series – so much was closed up in a tidy little box. I loved Catherine Tate’s character on this show and was so heartbroken at the end.
3. Seeing RENT perform on Good Morning, America as they prepare for the final show on Broadway – Chris Cuomo stated it best when he commented that the first time he saw RENT on Broadway he knew he wasn’t just seeing a play but experiencing ‘a movement.’
4. The season finale of Robin Hood on the BBC America.
5. I have to admit that seeing Mamma Mia made me a little teary-eyed knowing that soon I will get to own this movie and watch it whenever I want. Getting choked up telling my friend J about my love of ABBA – getting to see them in the seventh row of the Voulez-Vous tour. Making the banner welcoming them to Omaha with the hope of winning better tickets (though you can’t much go wrong with the seventh row.) And even discussing how this was the beginning of a friendship with my friend K.


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