June 16, 2008

On Writing

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Initially, this weekend I was struggling – getting re-aquanted with old friends and lots of reading. I was struggling where to pick up in my writing – what I wanted to work on. Thursday night was spent getting re-aquainted. Friday we spent much of the day at the different sites in Nebraska City. Saturday – I finished reading my book and opted out of doing more site seeing.

After finishing the book, I decided it was time to really focus on some writing – the weather was on our side and just encouraged free thought and peace. So I was looking through my notebooks and found, not one but two chapters of different books I had written. My book about the the group of friends which centers around a tree house – and another story that I know how it is going to go, what happens in it and how it ends, but have not really been able to get it on paper – I haven’t found the voice.

For the tree house story – I found a chapter that points me in the direction I was hoping the story would go. I just had been stuck. I was able to pick up the pen to paper and start writing again – I think I finished another two chapters – I have to get it transferred to Word to see really how much I wrote, but I did good. I have even figured out how I am going to go from the part of the book I am currently writing to the next and I feel good about it. It’s nice to have direction.

The other story (I am not sure how long it is going to be if it is a novella, novel or short story.) It was actually an idea that I had developed for a screeplay, but that is such a different style of writing – I was spending so much time on learning to write screenplays that I didn’t write as much. I also had always pictured the main character as a young me (I am not sure how many others do this in there story, but the stories are all going to be me in one way or another). Anyhow, I knew that when this story actually translated to script – the main character is going to have to be female for it to sell – so I thought, why not just write it like that. I had forgotten that I had a good start on the story, but found it all when looking for paper and pen. So I believe I once again ow C&M a thank you.


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