June 9, 2008


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So at the reunion – it was funny seeing this 8×10 black and white of my senior pic hanging up on the wall. I had one friend who kept laughing about how different I looked (and he was definitely not one to talk himself – he had a lot of hair gone to nothing himself, lol). As we were joking around, about how good we all looked back then (although, lol hairstyles for some were a little questionable). I made the comment that ‘I would have done me,’ which caused a few to laugh, though I am not sure why – I would have – although I don’t think I was hot by any means back then, but looking back, hmmm…

We also had a psychic there who – our visit didn’t exactly start out right when she told me that ‘I had a nice talk with your wife earlier.’
‘No you didn’t’
‘Yes, I did.’
‘No you didn’t.’
‘Are you sure.’
‘Yes, I am sure.’
‘Let me ask you this, are you sleeping with anyone in this room.’

I laugh, ‘No.’
‘Well someone here wants to.’
Now, I know that I should have asked, but I didn’t – I was caught off guard by the whole argument about my ‘wife.’ That I didn’t ask the obvious question of ‘who?’ or ‘could you point him out?’

She then moved on to ask me who Jacob is – ‘I don’t know a Jacob.’
‘Yes, you do.’
‘No, I don’t.’
‘You don’t know any Jacobs?’
‘Oh I have a nephew Jacob.’
‘No this is someone who will be come very important to you in the next 5 months. Soon you are going to receive a phone call from someone in your past who is going to start asking you a lot of questions.’
‘Is this someone I know?’
‘Yes, but the questions are going to make you very uneasy and you need to hang up.’
‘I need to hang the phone up?’
‘Yes. A change is going to happen with management at your work – you are going to be very upset about it, but it is going to be a very good thing for you.’
There was something about a bunch of money from somewhere that I cannot remember because she started telling me things like ‘do you want to hear about money, tell me yes.’
‘you are going to come into a big amount,’ now the note she wrote looks like it says something about insurance ‘freestill.’ I cannot read her writing very well. ‘You need to buy new underwear, ask me why.’
‘Because you are going to lose a lot of weight this year, and if you keep trying to wear the pair you are wearing, they will be tangled up around your feet. Who is Bob.’
‘I don’t know,’
‘Yes you do.’
Here we go again.
‘No I don’t, or wait, I have a brother in law named Bob.’
‘No I don’t think that is it. Bob is going to become a very important confidant to you in the next 30 days. Have you ever heard of the foot detox patch.’
‘Yes I have tried them.’
‘Did they work?’
‘I don’t think so, they kind of hurt my foot and just left a really salty smell.’
‘They would be very good for you, you should get more or the Tahitian Noni – both would do you very well. Thank you and send the next one over.’

Now I don’t have it all perfect I believe due to the few margaritas that I had and her handwriting is worse than most of the doctors I have read in the past. But is was fun, and looks to be a good year for me.


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