March 22, 2008

Not Much Time…

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..in order to post before the week is up. This has been one of those weeks. My whole week seemed to be appointment after appointment and when those appointments were done – I had another appointment that I needed to get to. My writing has been pretty well today. I am still learning how to use this program called Freemind
I believe it is supposed to help in outlining and other planning projects. I am using it to try and outline stories I have planned and am working on. One that I believe would make a good script (although I still have not developed the art of screenwriting). Then another that is a novel I have been working on for years and then another novel that I am trying to develop. One thing that I really liked about it is being able to add all these extra notes – the details I don’t want to forget, but am also not sure where to store them. It is an interesting tool – I am I sure I am not using it right, but I also know that I don’t have to write everything in order and can note when I do and don’t have something completed.

I have just started outlining the other novel that I have been working on (though not as long as the first). I even recently found the outline of a novel I started over 10 years ago – I am still not sure it is worth it or that I can even go back to working on it – but this might just be the story for storing it.

I also have a story that I was going to work on for the National Novel in a Month contest in November. Now November came and went much quicker than I expected and you have to write something like 2000 pages a day to meet the goal of completing a 50,000 + word novel. I have a junior novel that I considered starting this last November. I would like to give it a shot for this coming November, so I plan to get the outline finished, so again I have a focus.

I am in the process of editing a short story that I wrote and presented to my writing group recently. They noted some interesting errors in it and I plan on get it ready to submit next month to the Writer’s Digest Short Story Contest. I also plan on getting my Children’s story Wishes and Pockets out to at least 5 publishers this week. I would like to have it submitted to 25 by this June is my goal.

Recently, I was looking at a lot of my short stories and realized that I have a fairly common theme running through many of them – I seem to have a fascination with light and might see if I can bring them all together in a collection of short stories.

I guess this has been the week for really focusing on my writing. I have also been doing a lot of movie watching and television watching as well as reading. I will save that for a different post so I can get this one posted before midnight, lol.


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