February 22, 2008

O.F.F. – Day 4

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Last night was my last night of working the festival until Sunday. Tonight and tomorrow I get to simply go and watch movies. My car has been out of commission and that has been weighing heavy on my nerves – not knowing if it is going to be something I can afford or not. I just talked with the mechanic and it should be done by the end of the day, but I am planning on seeing a movie at 5:30, so we will have to see how it goes. At this point, I am not sure if I am getting my fish fry fish tonight.

Last night did not start off well for the booth worker – things were not as well organized as they had been on the previous nights and they had too many (in my mind) movies starting at the same time, which made ticket sales a little harder. We were a little worried though because we had an Omaha movie premiering last night – Ulterior Motives and after the chaos that was present when Out of Omaha was shown at last year’s, we were a little worried. We came up with a couple of ideas to make last night go smoother and it went unbelievably smooth. We were all very proud of ourselves.

I am constantly amazed by so many things at this third year of the festival. The directors, writers and editors have all been amazing. I am loving that I have the opportunity to talk with some of these people – I am totally ‘geeked’ out about it. I sat in on the Q & A for Nobody and it was very interesting. Then we were off to Julio’s for $2 tacos (with our badges). Julio’s is great to us. I almost didn’t go because I was feeling so tired that I feared falling asleep on the way home (I made the wise choice to not have a margarita for that same reason). I was so glad that I ended up going though. It’s just a nice ending to the night and the work we did (I bet the majority of us would enjoy our jobs and work better if this was a more regular routine with our day jobs).

This man comes up and sits down with us (gotta point out how hot he was at this point). I am sure I acted like a blushing school girl. He was the director of the short film ‘EMO’. I had been lucky enough to see this one and really enjoyed it. It has this great humor in it, and I think he was even a little impressed when I was able to tell him that his movie had one of my favorite funny lines in it and shared with him how much it had made me laugh. He was a very enjoyable man – from the Midwest and was thrilled to have been chosen to show his film in the Midwest. It’s times like that when I just look and am amazed at the opportunity that I have to meet some of these people – I guess I need to work harder to have some stuff ready to try and peak their interest in my stuff (but that honestly is not my style).

I just have to say how thankful I am to Jason, Jeremy and Mark (Omaha Film Festival directors) for all they have done in bringing this film festival here. I already can’t wait for next year, lol.


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