February 20, 2008

O.F.F. – Day 2

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I have been so tired, that I haven’t taken the time to write the daily blogs that I was hoping to. Monday openned with Sleepwalker – there was a lot of mixed reviews when people came out of the theater. I think many of them said that it was a little slow and that it was dark, not necessarily what they were expecting. I was working the front booth, so I didn’t get to see this one. It comes out in theaters in March, so I am hoping to get to see it then. I know that I tend to have a different view and I don’t mind a bit of the dark, so I will check it out when it comes out.

After the movie was the opening night party at the Pizza Shoppe. That was a lot of fun, there was free beer and soda, pizza and cheese bread. The music was good – the band, Thousand Houses performed. I had a good time talking with many different people. I even got to meet Shane Black who was very nice and had a lot of nice things to say about the film festival and the volunteers.

Last night, Day 2 wasn’t as busy as I was hoping it would be – although they did pretty much fill the theater for Strongest Ever, which is a documentary made about the woman who is listed as the strongest woman ever and she lives here in Omaha. The star of the documentary was there, and many of her friends (I believe there was only one person who didn’t know her in the theater). Response for the documentary was good.

The end of the night was quiet enough, that I slipped out of the both and went into watch one of the movies “That One Night” which I enjoyed – I think there is some editing concerns and honestly there were several scenes that I would have cut, but the majority of the main characters were very likable.

Tonight is another special screening – My Brother is an Only Child which is a French film and I believe that it has or is up for some awards. The Listening Project is a very interesting documentary that is showing for the first time tonight – 4 people going into something like 17 countries and ask ‘what do you think of America?’ It was very interesting to see that perspective. Imitation Life is a movie that I want to see, and there is a short block running that has some that I really enjoyed (Validation being one of my favorites). I will try and stick in the hyperlinks later, for now, that’s all I got.


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