January 7, 2008

New Ideas, Back on Track

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Well I realized that I didn’t get done what I wanted once again – writing at least once a week. I did have a full couple of weeks though. I wish I could say it was full of writing – but I was busy getting my house ready for for some different parties that I had and some of the food preparations that I needed to make. My house looked great for the holidays though. I had a fun time with the friends I got together with and my group of friends that are trying to lose weight together, we are all renewed in our quest for weight loss.

Now I have done some stuff with my writing that I am really proud of. One of the people in my writer’s group has a calendar she keeps full of the books she finishes – I am going to do that but I am also adding a piece – I am going to include the amount of writing I did and and what stories I am working on. My goal is an hour a night – not doing so well there. So I am pleased if I just get some writing done every day.

I found the rest of my written (so many of my stories are still hand-written) about the dark and stormy night – so I can finish it up and fine tune it. I would like to get it presented at one of the next couple of writer’s workshops. I thought of another new script idea about the grim reaper – I don’t think it’s an angle that has been approached before and I am pretty excited about it – I need to learn how to use this program I have which you can basically write the outline as well as the script and character development. there’s some balancing that needs to be done though on learning new programs and spending time writing. We will have to see how that one goes – right now I am focusing on the writing. Oh, I just realized that I have time for a martini before bed – I am thinking of something with Pear Absolut.


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