January 27, 2008

Heath, Writing and the Oscars

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First of all, I am very sad about the passing of Heath Ledger. He was truly one of my favorite actors – ever since the 10 Things I Hate about You which I have to admit – I can’t say I loved the movie, but I do remember wondering who that hunk in the movie was. I was hooked and I believe I saw everything Heath did. I still view Brokeback Mountain as one of the sweetest love stories I ever got to witness. I sometimes wonder if straight people can really understand what that movie did for the gay community. I don’t know of any movie that has shown a true love relationship between two men. We will miss you Heath.

I got the topic for the 24 hour writing contest – it had to deal with keeping promises and loss, from what I understood – and could only be 1000 words long. I ‘write’brained it the whole day yesterdan and started writing last night, but fell asleep at the computer. I woke up early (which I just remembered and had been wondering all day why I was so tired), and finished it. It pretty much took until the last minute – mostly because you have to wait until you get a confirmation that it was received. Mine came at somewhere around 1201. But it is in and now I have to wait for a month for the decision.

I was going to share my thoughts on the movies up for nomination, but I think I will hold that for a later blog. I hate to admit it but I have been spending most of the weekend putting away Christmas decorations – I have too many, lol. Easily I have put in 16 hours packing stuff up and I still haven’t even touched the snowmen, the fancy tree or the kitchen. I don’t apologize for being late in getting them put away – it takes even more time putting them out, and it seems to be so much for such a short time, that I am lucky I am this early, lol.


January 26, 2008

Humorous Headlines – Potential Titles?

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I received this in one of my emails lately and thought it was rather humorous. I shared it with my writers group because I thought some of these would make fantastic story titles. Enjoy (my title thoughts are in italics).


Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers
Running Down Jaywalkers

Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over
Panda Mating Fails and the Doctor Steps In

Miners Refuse to Work after Death
Refusing to Work After Death

Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant
Trying Shooting Defendants

War Dims Hope for Peace
I’d leave this one alone

Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide
Murder: Homicide Suspected

Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges
Red Tapes Holds Up Bridges and Buildings

Kids Make Nutritious Snacks
Kids Make Nutritious Snacks: A Fairy Tale

Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctor
Seven Foot Doctors

Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Spacecraft
Taking the Blame for Gas Problems

These were in the email – they are funny, but I haven’t though how to convert them to titles yet:

If Strike Isn’t Settled Quickly, It May Last Awhile

Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says

Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures

Man Struck By Lightning: Faces Battery Charge

New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group

Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half

And the winner is….

Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead

I love some of these, looking at them this way made it more fun for me – I actually am thinking of using a few of them for some stories – of course, I might have to develop the story around the title. Not the normal way to write a story – but it can be fun.

Friends and Family

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Is this picture not one of the cutest you have ever seen. That is me and my cousin Todd is hugging me. We are only 3 weeks apart and have grown into good friends as we have become adults.

I entered Writersweekly.com’s 24 hour winter contest and just received the guidelines (includes topic and word count). I have never done one of these before but was thinking it would be fun and love that I work well under pressure. So I was looking around my computer a little while I was letting my ‘write’brain kick it into gear and saw the pic and thought I would share.

(By the way that is my grandmother – God rest her soul – in the background on the right. I wonder why that hair-do ever went out of style.)


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I have to say that this has been a pretty wonderful week for a lot of reasons. First of all I got to start it hanging out with friends working on a TEC weekend. Then when we went out to dinner to my friend Sr. Suzanne’s favorite place to dine – The Bohemian Cafe – I actually found a reasonably priced meal there that I can tolerate when she comes home – of course, because of all the gravy, it wasn’t great for my diet, but I will know next time to get it on the side – lessons learned, right?

The next day I finally received my contacts in the mail – even though the prices were good – I will never use JustLenses.com again – their customer service was absolutely terrible. I do get a $50 rebate, but that comes from the company who made the contacts. I can’t believe how good I look, lol. I actually can’t believe how much better I can see and that I can actually wear contacts throughout the day without them drying the hell out of my eyes.

Even after cooking and being around all that unhealthy food all weekend – I still managed to lose a pound and hit the 10 lb. mark. In the past I have always lost so much faster, but I am really trying to be realistic in my losing weight this time – not going for just the ‘diet’ stuff, but the real stuff that will make me happy while I am letting go of the lbs. I ended up being really tired that night though and decided to not go to my writers group. I did go home and do some writing to off-set a bit of my guilt but, not as much as I probably could have.

The next night (Thursday) was wonderful. I was beat (work kinda drained me this week), but on the way to my last appointment for the night, I started thinking of something and before I knew it, I was into one of my stories. I didn’t realize it at first and then it was suddenly like, ‘oh my God, I am in my story ‘Peace Died Today.’ And I had found the voice. I have had a semi-outline for this story for about 3 years now – and have started a couple of the chapters, but they have not seemed right – I did write a prologue for the story (which I am still not sure if it is the prologue or will be used as a subtle way of introducing the character. It means some re-writing of some of what I have and a creative way of telling the story, but I found the stories voice and I am happy about it. I actually think I might be trying something a little unique – I would be curious to find out if there is any others out there who have done what I am planning. I am going to be telling the story in the first and third person perspective – it will be the same person telling the story – parts he will be telling about himself and other parts will have him speaking as if he were on the outside watching and telling the story. I like to think it’s a little unique – I have a feeling it will be difficult, but I am really exited about it.

Then I go to an appointment and this Dad just loves me – he loves the ideas I am bringing him and his family and the tools I am providing for him to try. I am thrilled because each of the things I have coached him through have been wonderful tools for his family. He is truly making progress and he is excited about it. It really left me with a good feeling for the job I do – and that was needed in a week that I was feeling a little exhausted and wondering why we do what we do.

I went home and I wrote, I really got a good start on the story before I fell asleep. But man it flowed out so easily. It was nice.

Today, I got off work a little early and rented Game Plan – The Rock’s new movie because my buddy, Ryan told me that I would like how much he is lacking a shirt – I love how my friends watch out for me.

January 15, 2008

Dealing With Tragedy

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I often am left to wonder – at what point do I stop being affected by the tragedies I hear of, that I see on tv, that I watch in a movie, or that I witness. I remember always feeling sad when something awful happened. I remember when the Challenger’s lift off interrupted my watching the Young and the Restless instead witnessing the death of all of those people on the Challenger. I remember being upset that I wasn’t more ‘affected’ that I wasn’t more sad, and yet I know that I couldn’t believe what I was watching, what I had seen and what they said had happened. I do remember when the Challenger exploded, thinking that something didn’t look right. Now I can barely hear about the Challenger without tearing up – is it as simple as, my grief was delayed.

I don’t think so.

I have written and talked so much about 911, that I will spare you the re-counting of my experiences and my grief and sorry there, but I can’t help but believe that 911 has left me with pain, with a fear (not of dying myself, but of losing those I love), and a sense of trauma that I don’t think I understand. For several years, I couldn’t hear, speak of or watch anything regarding 911. Now it still causes me to catch my breath and I have to control myself to speak of or listen to anyone regarding 911, but I can do it. I still haven’t been able to watch the movie yet, but I will

Recently, I learned how I handle tragedy with the whole mess of that murder at the Westroads. That stupid, selfish monster who decided that his need to be ‘known’ was more important than the eyes of others. I know I have mentioned to many how much it bugs me that he is so often referred to by name. I still believe that one of the first and most simple things to do is never call him by name. I was even dreading the tv movie that you know will come out of it some day. I was thinking that I should try and jump on trying to write that story. In it I wouldn’t mention his name – hell, I wouldn’t show more than his feet and the gun. The focus would be on the people who lost their lives. I am all about mental health and there were things this kid was missing, but the resources are out there and he had been receiving them for years. Again I say, I would feel for him, I would have empathy for him had he not made statements along the line of ending his life and making his name known.

There is a reason this is on my mind. I sat down to watch a movie last night while I ate my dinner and initially was going to watch The Kingdom, which I have had to shut of a couple of times before because what it is about, seems to fresh to me. I wasn’t sure if I could watch it. Well, last night I thought ‘I keep hearing how good this is’ but the DVD wouldn’t work in my player. So I looked through the movies that I have in my pile that I haven’t watched yet and settled on “We Are Marshall”.

I had forgotten what the movie was about and within the first ten minutes I was sobbing and truly, I sobbed throughout the majority of the movie. Now it was a powerful movie, there were obvious sad points in it and I know that normally it would have made me tearful, but normally I wouldn’t have sobbed the way I was sobbing. I have to wonder if this had to do with this story just hitting me so powerful and then I remembered one of my friends asking me, ‘When did you become so sensitive to trauma?’ He asked this after the Westroad’s shooting, when I wasn’t able to discuss it with him.

I keep going back and wondering if it all has to do with 911 – does it affect others like this? Will it affect me for ever? On the one hand, I hope so, it was a tragedy and there is a party of me that says reaction it causes me is a way of honoring and remembering those who lost there lives. On the other had, I hope that it doesn’t always affect me so strongly, that I have trouble dealing with other traumas which I am guessing are inevitable.

“We are Marshall” is a wonderful movie and powerful movie about how people come back from trauma. I loved that about the movie, it was truly inspirational.

January 7, 2008

Freezing Fog

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I thought this was pretty – we had that freezing fog stuff a few weeks ago – I would have loved to have driven around Omaha taken pictures – I did manage to get this one from outside my office.

New Ideas, Back on Track

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Well I realized that I didn’t get done what I wanted once again – writing at least once a week. I did have a full couple of weeks though. I wish I could say it was full of writing – but I was busy getting my house ready for for some different parties that I had and some of the food preparations that I needed to make. My house looked great for the holidays though. I had a fun time with the friends I got together with and my group of friends that are trying to lose weight together, we are all renewed in our quest for weight loss.

Now I have done some stuff with my writing that I am really proud of. One of the people in my writer’s group has a calendar she keeps full of the books she finishes – I am going to do that but I am also adding a piece – I am going to include the amount of writing I did and and what stories I am working on. My goal is an hour a night – not doing so well there. So I am pleased if I just get some writing done every day.

I found the rest of my written (so many of my stories are still hand-written) about the dark and stormy night – so I can finish it up and fine tune it. I would like to get it presented at one of the next couple of writer’s workshops. I thought of another new script idea about the grim reaper – I don’t think it’s an angle that has been approached before and I am pretty excited about it – I need to learn how to use this program I have which you can basically write the outline as well as the script and character development. there’s some balancing that needs to be done though on learning new programs and spending time writing. We will have to see how that one goes – right now I am focusing on the writing. Oh, I just realized that I have time for a martini before bed – I am thinking of something with Pear Absolut.

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