December 13, 2007

My Writer’s Group Holiday Party

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I was hoping to have a pic of the Writer’s group I belong to – I forgot to pull out my camera, but as soon as some one shares it with me, I will post it. The party was really nice. FIRST of all – I did get my Amy’s Christmas Gift (changed it from Present) revised and was all set to read it. There was some confusion and only one person got to read tonight, it’s all good though – it was a fun story she read. I am not really happy with the flow of the end of the story, so I think it was just a further opportunity to get it updated. I made some homemade bread – a sweet pesto bread and then some of that tastefully simple spinach and herb dip. I picked up a couple of books for my ‘writers gift’. I thought they were helpful but joking books – the cool thing is that several people appeared to think they were good books. I got to pick the first gift and got this cool book – I think it was a bunch of authors sharing about their first novel – but it got yanked right away. I ended up with a word a day calendar, which really is still pretty cool. The funniest gift tonight was a 2001 edition of the Writer’s Market.

One of the coolest things about the evening – which most of the veterans groaned about was to look at goals. I was given a notecard to write on one side, my writing goals for 2008 and on the other side, the things I accomplished in 2007. It was nice looking at all I accomplished this last year.


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