December 11, 2007

Notes on Writing

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Tomorrow is the Christmas party for my writing group. I am looking forward to it. I have learned a lot from this group. I know they would like it if I shared more, and I know I will reach that point eventually, but for now, I seem to be re-writing a lot while trying to write new things. I am in the process of coming up with a writing space and my plan for the new year is to have writing time on a daily basis. I really want to do that novel in a month next November. It is week 10, it was my goal that I would hear from the publisher that they were accepting my They Called Him the Wishman. There’s only 3 days left this week guys, you better hurry and CALL!!! I am about finished with a short story that I started writing while at a boring seminar. I finished it on the writer’s retreat, but had lost it, yea! for cleaning. I found it on Sunday and now need to do a re-write before I read it to the writer’s group. I guess one of the fun things about tomorrow is that the readings which are presented are to have a holiday theme. If I can get Amy’s Christmas re-written (based on what I have learned from this group) by tomorrow I will be reading it. The group was fun last week, it seemed like it took me awhile to really feel like I am fitting into this writing group – but I am there, I feel totally comfortable. One of the funniest nights was last night when we went out for coffee afterward. It was nice to hear a couple that are really wanting to hear more of my thriller. I need to get on that.


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