September 17, 2007

Getting to Know Me…

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I have done some blogging in the past and have one that is a little more risqué – sharing a little more about myself than I really want my family and co-workers knowing about. (If you are really interested – you can email me for it and I might share with a select few – it’s just been a while since I have posted on it – for a numerous amount of reason – so I hesitate to get you intrigued by it). Anyhow, I am starting this blog that focuses on the arts – both mine and what I am interested in.

I am trying to become more disciplined in my writing, so this blog for my writing website (http://www.writebrainit.net), will ideally aid in this. I hope to do a few things with this blog – share some of what has captured my interests at the moment and share how my own writing is progressing.

The website is on hold for awhile – at least until I figure out what I want to do with it and learn how to design it. I had a website – writebrainit.com with a couple of friends/co-workers in the past – where we showcased some of our writing and attempted to promote some other writers, contests and websites. The buddy that was the webmaster of the site let the domain expire and we have had hell getting it back, they are no longer interested in running the website together, but I thought of the name and loved it, so I am hoping to maintain it. However, I have just recently learned that the way contests and publishers are going – the majority of them are now considering that anything published online, is considered published. This frustrates me to no end because now much of what I have written in the past, is limited in the markets I can present it to. Oh well, it’s all about the learning isn’t it.

I have a lot that I have planned to write for the blog, but will probably spread it out a little as I don’t want to set up potential readers to expect daily blogs…but ‘wouldn’t it be lover-ly.’ (Name the movie).


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